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Potential Tenant/buyer Credit Checks:

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We use a wide range of sources to provide potential employee or tenant screening reports. For employees these sources range from County Court databases through to financial data tracked on Insight, previous employers, universities, and more. For our rent2buy services we also provide prospective tenant/buyer risk ratings to help verify a prospective tenant/buyer's suitability for a given property that you have available under a rent2buy scheme. Whilst no one can guarantee an individual's future behaviour we believe that our capability to supplement standard interviewing and screening processes enhances the prospect of successful and profitable business relationships with investor/landlords and prospective tenant/buyers.

The following report is of a very high standard and in our opinion contains all the important elements that a Landlord/investor/developer would require before committing themselves to entering into a Rent2Buy Lease Option Agreement.   

The report will be paid for by the potential tenant/buyer.


Platinum Tenant Check

This highly comprehensive report checks the past history of a tenant (or guarantor) to identify any financial issues that could affect their suitability to take on a tenancy agreement. The actual search also includes a "linked address search", thus should a tenant have adverse history linked to previous addresses that they haven't told us about, we will find it!

   County Court Judgments (CCJs) for the last 6 years with financial values awarded, the date the award was made, and the court reference.

   Any details of Bankruptcy filed against the tenant over the last 6 years.

   Any record of Insolvency filed over the last 6 years.

The Bronze report does not provide any identity verifications. If you are purchasing this report it is essential that you have obtained documents verifying the tenant's name and address that you will be providing to us.

Electoral Roll evaluation

   Is the tenant confirmed on the public electoral register?

   How long was the tenant recorded in the register at the current address?

   Details of any family or associates of the tenant found in the electoral register at the current address

Previous addresses

   Identification of any previous addresses for the tenant found in referencing databases


Overall tenant risk rating

   A risk score is provided for the tenant categorising them across a range from high risk to low risk with an indication as to probability of the tenant defaulting.

  The report also provides additional tenant analysis by cross-checking the tenant name and address with Insight financial databases. There are two benefits of this data analysis; one is additional verifications of tenant identity, the other is an assessment of "financial stress" e.g. where a tenant has an excessive number of financial accounts.

In addition to the Gold report will provide:

 A summary of any financial accounts (such as bank, utility, mail order, financial services lenders) that link the tenant to the address provided. Note; that this will only summarise the type of accounts found and will not detail the actual company/lender.

  Identification of any alias names used by the tenant.

  The number of credit searches performed by other agencies in the last 6 months for the individual. If there is high activity it may suggest cause for concern.

  Additional checks against the tenantís previous address listing details found in the public electoral register and any account information found from Insight linking the tenant to the previous address.

  Employer name and telephone number. This is a basic check that searches referencing databases to identify that company name and telephone number are matched. For example we sometimes find that a prospective tenant gets a friend to use their private number to 'act as the employer'

  A verbal reference check with the current landlord or letting agent. Please note that some letting agents will not provide references, in these cases we will advise in the report.


Reports will usually be available within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) of the completed application being received by us.

Dependant upon the results we may recommend and you may decide that a guarantor is required. If so we will complete a credit check on the guarantor and ensure that the guarantor is made aware of his/her obligations and that the form is signed and returned. An additional fee of £50 will be requested from the potential tenant/buyer unless you advise us that you have decided to stand this cost. 

We strongly advise that when you arrange with the tenant/buyers to view the property you ask for them to bring along evidence of identity such as drivers licence, passport and bank statements, and that you check them thoroughly. It is not unknown for applicants for tenancies to use the details of someone else, so your cooperation in checking is imperative. When you have selected which tenant/buyer you prefer to proceed with, then please confirm that you have carried out the identity check when requesting the report.



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