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Deposits Required

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You will normally need to pay a deposit of around 2% of the agreed or anticipated sales price dependant upon which scheme you choose, and the particular requirements of the property investor involved.

Example Scheme 1 ( 3 years ): You will be required to make an agreed monthly payment in addition to your rent towards building up your deposit  for when you give notice of your intention to exercise your Option to Purchase.


Example Scheme 2 (6 years): In exchange for a slightly higher rent and an extended period, you will benefit from a share of the increasing value of the property.


Example Scheme 2a (6 years) This is essentially the same as scheme 2 except that it is a low start scheme with rent starting low and increasing every 12 months so that it reaches the same total value by the end of the term. Only recommended for those who can be sure that they will be earning increased amount over the entire period.

Either of these amounts together with your initial deposit will be deducted from the final sales price at completion and should be within a reasonable amount of the sum required by a building society or other loan provider.

If you can put forward a guarantor who will guarantee to pay the deposit or the rent if you fail to do so, then most things are possible. The guarantor will have to have the financial income and means to be able to give this guarantee. 

Example of Costs:

Reference Fee (per person)                             50 approx

Option to purchase fee                                   300 approx

Deposit, 2% approx of purchase price                Variable, dependant upon the particular investor

One months rent in advance.                           Variable, some investors may be flexible on this point

In the case of most property investors your deposit will normally be deducted from the sale price upon completion. You need to check this point.

A financial spreadsheet listing all your financial costs throughout the period should be supplied by the owner when you apply for a particular property that is available as a rent2buy. You are advised to ensure that you are aware of your full financial obligations at the outset.

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Please Note: The Rent2Buy schemes referred to are based on the originals used directly by the operators of this website. They are used as examples for your information, however Rent2Buy properties are offered by a large number of individual investors who may use variations of this theme. Full details will be provided to you when you express an interest in a featured property. Each investor has signed up as one of our Associates before being allowed to use the facilities of this site and has agreed to a set of rules and ethical guidelines for your protection. Click here to view this agreement.