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Thank you for visiting this new interactive website site.


The previous website was previously used exclusively and successfully for finding potential tenant/buyers for our own property portfolio, but we have now taken the decision to open it up to other investors by producing this new website. Our decision was taken in view of the fact that we have now got hundreds of potential tenant/buyers signing up for rent2buy properties throughout the UK, and others are joining daily. The demand has proven to be there.


Over a period of time we have been building up extensive lists of prospective tenant/buyers who see rent2buy as a means to realising their dreams. These are recorded by postcode areas and we record details of what they are looking for in property and this allows us to immediately get in touch with them as soon as you have entered your property onto the site. In the near future we will be offering prospective tenant/buyer leads on our investors website www.bmvleads.net which is being upgraded at the moment.


Lists of potential tenant/buyers by postcode are available to investors, landlords and developers. If you have a need please contact us with the postcode of where the available property is located and we will inform you of what we have available and at what price. This is only a temporary arrangement as very shortly all the potential tenant buyers in each postcode will be available on our investors website www.bmvleads.net  


We have considerable experience of marketing and operating rent2buy options and have developed our existing and flexible scheme which can be used by interested investors once they register. If you want to use your own version of a rent2buy scheme then that is ok as long as it is ethical and easily understood for the prospective tenant/buyers. We retain the right to reject schemes that we consider to be against the best interest of the potential/tenant buyers (see our Terms for Associates).


There is a small charge for supplying the information on each prospective tenant/buyer and separate charges for references and guarantor processing if they are required.


Interested? Then have a look around the site. If you like what you see, then join as an "Associate"




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Investors Please Note: The Rent2Buy schemes referred to throughout the prospective tenant/buyer pages of this website are based on the originals used directly by the operators of this website. They are only used as examples for their information, however Rent2Buy or Lease Option properties are offered by a large number of individual investors who may choose to use variations of this theme. Prospective tenant/buyers resourced through this website will expect to be provided with full details by the investor when they express an interest in one of your properties.