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You can source Below Market Value properties on our sister website www.bmvleads.net where properties that are unsuitable for a normal BMV sale, as the vendors are unable to consider an offer of around 70% of market value. This may be due to having a large mortgage or because they need a higher price for their home.


In many of these cases a Lease Option Agreement may be the best solution for them, where basic terms will have been negotiated by our consultants based on the following format.

  1. We offer a fair price at today’s market value.
  2. They move home now leaving the old mortgage behind.
  3. The purchasing investor takes over the mortgage payments.
  4. The investor finds a tenant/buyer to live in the property and pay rent with an option in place to buy at an agreed future date.
  5. The sale of the property from the vendor is finalized at an agreed date in the future to fit in with the normal 3 to six years.
  6. The property is then sold to the tenant/buyer when they give notice of option.
  7. You then pocket the equity that has built up over the period that you have been responsible for the mortgage payments and the vendor gets the price that he agreed to at the outset.

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Investors Please Note: The Rent2Buy schemes referred to throughout the prospective tenant/buyer pages of this website are based on the originals used directly by the operators of this website. They are only used as examples for their information, however Rent2Buy or Lease Option properties are offered by a large number of individual investors who may choose to use variations of this theme. Prospective tenant/buyers resourced through this website will expect to be provided with full details by the investor when they express an interest in one of your properties.