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Terms and Conditions of Business for Associates:


Between Ronan Property Services t/a rent2buyonline and associated businesses (R2BO) and the person or corporate body posting the rent2buy property on offer (“the Associate”) and the person or persons, who by continuing to brows this website are agreeing to be bound by our Privacy Policy and the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree leave now.

1) Before you can post any properties on this site you will need to register as one of our "Associates" and accept our Terms and Standards of Registration for Associates and Terms and Conditions of Business before you can post any properties. This is because the enquiries from prospective/tenant buyers (PTB) contain sensitive personal information which will not be passed to unregistered third parties. R2BO will only accept applications to become "Associates" from persons or corporate bodies who agree to maintain the same ethical standards of care that (R2BO) maintains in their own business. You will only have to register once

2) The (PTB) may not have been contacted by (R2BO), except for the confirmation of acceptance of registration and the sending of standard marketing information. (PTB)'s joining the Priority Service will have provided comprehensive information of what type of property they require and may have been contacted.

3) (R2BO) is unable to confirm the accuracy of the prospective tenant/buyers details as the information has been supplied by the (PTB) who has completed an online form, and this has been accepted in good faith.

4) (R2BO) can not confirm any information given by the (PTB) regarding their personal finances and no warranty is given as this has been taken in good faith. It is up to the "Associate” offering the property to make suitable enquiries and take out adequate references on the (PTB). (R2BO) will provide a reference checking facility at its published current rates upon request and payment from the "Associate".

5) Since (R2BO) has no control over prospective (PTB)'s changing their minds or providing inaccurate information, (R2BO) does not offer any refunds or accept any responsibility on that basis. However (R2BO) will continue to send details of the "Associates" property to other interested parties as they become available, and until such time that the particular property becomes unavailable.

6) The details of each (PTB) is passed to the "Associate" at a time after the (PTB) has requested and received the property details from (R2BO) who will email the "Associate" the  contact details in respect of the property in question. “R2BO” can not guarantee that the (PTB) has not provided similar information to one of our competitors.

7) (R2BO) will also confirm to the "Associate” that the (PTB) will be contacting him/her regarding the property and will provide the (PTB) contact details so that the "Associate" can also contact them direct.

8) We will charge you a fee for each succesful applicant. We will request your PayPal or credit card details upon application but no charge will be made until you inform us that you have successfully selected a (PTB).

9) If in the event, it comes to our notice that an applicant that we have introduced to you has subsequently been offered by you or a person that you have passed the details to, a tenancy either as a (PTB) or a tenant of the property that you have posted, or any other property without you informing us of the event, then the charge will be increased to £1,000 from the date of the introduction plus daily interest of bank rate+5%.  

10) “The Associate” agrees to keep the personal details of the (PTB) confidential and not to use them for any other purpose than the (PTB) application to enter into rent 2 buy option agreement in respect of a property that “the Associate” has advertised on the website of (R2BO).  “The Associate” agrees not to pass the information to any third party and to destroy the information in a secure way once it is not needed for the purpose in which it was supplied. Furthermore “the investor” agrees to take the issue of privacy very seriously and ensure that the information is kept secure and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK) and any other applicable UK or EU legislation.

11) (PTB) interest in a property will be sent to the email address of “the Associate” as soon as is practicably possible between the hours of 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on a Saturday. If the property enquiry is submitted out of hours weekday or on a Sunday or Bank holiday, then they will be sent on the next working day. These times are approximate and can be varied due to operational or technical reasons.

12) This website does include links to other websites including other members of Ronan Property ServicesThese links are provided to either advertise the businesses and services of our group or carefully selected partners and to provide information on a series of subjects that may be of interest to our "Associates". Under no circumstances whatsoever do we accept any responsibility for the content accuracy, completeness or suitability of the contents these linked websites.

13) No information supplied in these particulars constitutes or forms part of a contract.

14) At no time and in no event will (R2BO) be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, including loss or damage whatsoever arising from the loss of data or profits arising out of the use of this website.

15) Neither Ronan Property Services or its associated businesses, www.rent2buyonline.co.uk  www.speedypropertybuyers.co.uk www.speedypropertybuyers.eu www.speedypropertybuyer.com www.bmvleads.net are licensed Investment Advisor's or Estate Agents and we are not authorised by the Financial Services Authority to provide financial or investment advice.

15) By submitting a property for publication on this site, with the intention of obtaining a (PTB) the "Associate” accepts these Term and Conditions of Business, and the Terms of our Privacy Policy in full.

15) This website and its content is the Copyright of Ronan Property Services t/a www.rent2buyonline.co.uk dated 2008. All rights are reserved and any copying or redistribution is of all or part of the content is strictly prohibited other than the following,                                                      

a) You may print off a copy or download a copy to a local hard disk for your personal use only.  

b) You may copy the content to an individual third party who is personally known to you for their personal information only, but in doing so you must acknowledge this website as the source of the material.                                                                                                        

c) You may not knowingly use or distribute and transmit the contents of this website, or store it in any other website or electronic retrieval system for commercial use of any description without firstly requesting our permission and receiving formal permission in writing from the Head office of Ronan Property Services