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Now that you have decided top offer a property as a rent2buy, rent to own or lease Option which are all common names by which this method is known, you will need to identify and obtain potential tenant/buyers as soon as possible. The one thing to avoid is void periods which can make all the difference between a healthy profit and a loss.

Void periods can be eliminated altogether by the means of some careful planning. Get this right together with the right tenant/buyers and you can be on the road to some healthy profits.

Advertising: There are many ways by which you can advertise for tenant/buyers but the fastest and most efficient is to purchase tenant/buyers leads direct from rent2buyonline. These are priced individually dependant upon the amount of deposit that they have available and if references have been obtained or not.

The alternative is to advertise locally. For a start newspaper adverts are very expensive and they are slow by comparison.  If you place an advert in a local paper it could be 4 or 5 days before it appears due to inflexible deadlines. If there is the slightest mistake in the advert such as missing details or wrong telephone number, then you will not get any enquiries. It could take another week before the correct advertisement appears and even if they give you a free second advertisement it could cost several hundred pounds in lost rental payments as you have an empty property. Secondly what section are you going to put it under? All newspapers have sections for both rental and for sale properties but to date we do not know of one which has a section for tenant/buyers. Newspaper advertising is nowhere as effective as it once used to be and many of the younger generation no longer buy a paper as they can get all they want online. Also you need to attract potential tenant buyers who are wanting to move into the area from places elsewhere and they are unlikely to see a local paper.

If you have you own website you can advertise your rent2buy properties on it, however if it is not known for that purpose it may not be seen by anyone. Approximately 80% of prospective tenant/buyers use the internet when looking for property and a large portion of this number register their interest on rent2buyonline in their desired postcode area and are available instantly to you. This number is very likely to keep rising over time due to the present housing crisis and is largely untapped as insufficient numbers of properties are being offered as rent2buy by investors .

As the leading provider of tenant/buyer leads we are well placed to cater for your needs.

Advance Notification: This is a good tool that can be used to effectively to ensure that we have the tenant/buyers for you. Let us know in advance as soon as you have decided to go down the rent2buy/lease option route. Examples as to how this can be possible are as follows,

  • the existing tenant gives advance notice of leaving,
  • you have bought a house which is now going through the legal process,
  • you have decided not to renew the tenancy when it expires which is still some time away,
  • you are refurbishing a house which is not yet ready,
  • you are constructing a property or several properties and have an approximate date when they will be ready.

Although we can tell you at any time how many potential tenant/buyers we have registered in a particular postcode area the numbers vary dramatically over different areas of the country. With advance notice we can if need be step up our tenant/buyer sourcing in that particular postcode area to ensure that you have more potential tenant/buyers available with a wider choice of deposits. We also publish a weekly list of forthcoming properties which is emailed to registered potential tenant/buyers and is also published online which further encourages those browsing the web to register especially if they see a property or properties in their area of choice. This availability will add to your profits by reducing or eliminating void periods.

If you wish to inform us of forthcoming property availability please fill in the short form below.

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